NEWTON is an engineering company developing components and devices meeting the highest tonal, technical, haptical and aesthetic standards.
Its focal point is the design of technical solutions for analog, audiophile applications in uncompromising high-end quality.

NEWTON designs & manufactures in close partnership with and for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

For audiophiles NEWTON offers qualified hands-on services and individual high-end products.


“To the true sound of music, the soul sings”
(Source: aus den fliegenden Blättern, ersch. 1845-1928 bei Braun & Schneider, München)

For NEWTON benchmark and goal of every development is the pure, unadulterated rendering of music in its full emotional expanse, an authentic stereoscopic depiction,  precision of sound reproduction and perfect timing. All of NEWTONs design efforts therefore are subject to these demands on NEWTON sound characteristics: Genuine purity and authenticity of sound and rhythm.



As an engineering company NEWTON constantly and vigorously strives to come ever closer to its goal of an outright realistic musical reproduction.

For this purpose new technologies are developed. Implemented in NEWTONs devices and components they impart the trademark audiophile qualities.

In every new development and every product NEWTON commits to live up to its own highest quality standards on a daily basis.

Hands-on services for audiophiles

NEWTON offers, based on its extensive development and application knowledgement, qualified and various on-side services for audiophiles.
                   >> acoustical and technical advice
                   >> Sound optimization of existing and new hifi systems
                   >> Delivery, setup and integration of high-quality hifi-components
- NEWTON offers comprehensive hands-on support until the ultimate sound in fidelity is reached-
                   >> NEWTON is a specialist for EINSTEIN components