High-end devices

NEWTON has extensive familiarity with development and production processes for high-end devices, as well as proprietary application technologies.

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Development takes place in cutting-edge, audit proof 3D-CAD design and the subsequent production of the prototypes and components is carried out with the latest CNC-controlled machines.


Some examples of complete device development by NEWTON:

High-end turntables

The design of turntables meeting highest tonal standards lies at the core of NEWTONs development activities.

High-end turntable design in cooperation with EINSTEIN Audio

Design objective of this turntable, that was developed in close partnership with EINSTEIN Audio, was to create a device that has excellent technical and acoustic features yet can be still available at a reasonable price in its entry-level configuration.

The meeting of Volker Bohlmeier, owner, creative motor and idea provider at EINSTEIN Audio, and Rainer Holtmann, owner and design, construction & production specialist at NEWTON components led to a close, cooperative collaboration with the objective to create a truly extraordinary turntable.

EINSTEIN brought in matured ideas as well as 30 years of expertise in the sector, while NEWTON realized the ideas and implemented the requirements with innovative technical solutions, meeting the exceptionally high tonal and qualitative standards of both companies.


A wide-ranging set of options allow for a stepwise customization and upgrading of the device.

The result is a remarkable turntable consciously renouncing any gimmicks but meeting sound standards at the highest level and based on state-of-the-art technology and standalone solution technologies.

  • spring-loaded stands to decouple the device from the ground
  • distinct setup of the motor block decoupled from the chassis
  • sprung drive-pulley to help avoid the transmission of minute motor vibrations or torque ripple
  • use of interchangeable sound modules for the individual expression of the most subtle sound nuances (overtones)
  • 9" to 12" tone arm applicable
Design of a high-end reference turntable for NEWTON

For this turntable the design objective was to create a top-range model that joins other top of the league peak models.

The requirements for this technical and design study were carefully chosen materials, minute manufacturing tolerances, and selectable options.

  • flexible configuration options to cover a wide set of testing requirements
  • Use of NEWTON air suspension damping elements for an effective and complete decoupling from the ground
  • very high mass inertia while maintaining excellent dynamic properties
  • distinct setup of the motor block decoupled from the chassis
  • sprung drive-pulley to help avoid the transmission of minute motor vibrations or torque ripple
  • use of interchangeable sound modules for individual expression of the most subtle sound nuances (overtones)
  • two different tone arm boards (height-adjustable and swivelling)
  • clearance-free height adjustment for each individual tone arm board

High-end platforms

One function of an effective device base or platform is the elimination of any vibrations that might interfere with the hi-fi device – such as low ground vibrations, people walking through the room, sonic feedback, etc.


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NEWTON device bases use a novel technology that allows for simultaneous hard coupling and soft decoupling of devices with their environment. They are unique in their conception and set new standards on the quest for clarity and purity of sound.

No one has to choose between ‘hard coupled’ and ‘soft decoupled’ anymore!

The technology of the NEWTON damping elements used in the device bases perfectly combines the advantages of both methods to eliminate every kind of unwanted vibration. Thus it hardly matters where the device is set up.

Placed on the base, the device is ‘hard coupled’ with the platform. Music impulses remain precise and strong and are not softened or attenuated – as often happens with a soft decoupling.

The air suspension damping element immediately intercepts and eliminates derived vibrations in a controlled manner. Thus the background is not induced and consequently adds no unwanted vibrations to the musical signal.

The damping element also effectively eliminates potential vibrational feedback to the devices (sound waves from loudspeakers, someone walking in the room, etc.)