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for audio­philes

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Devices and components designed by NEWTON are based on our proven high-end technologies. The aim is to realize musical reproduction that comes exceptionally close to a live performance – transferring both atmosphere and emotionality and enabling listeners to completely immerse themselves in the musical experience.

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Of course, all of its devices and components benefit from NEWTON’s extensive application and manufacturing know-how and deep understanding of physical correlations.

Uncompromising demands on each component to be conducive to realistic musical reproduction characterized by purity and immediacy of sound, perfect timing and impulse precision, as well as precise and realistic tonal depth and scale are paired with an equally uncompromising production quality, tried-and-tested operating principles, knowledge of physical correlations and extensive production know-how.

Constant high quality and dimensional accuracy are maintained during production and assembly of the individual parts by using cutting-edge CNC-controlled machines. All devices and components are carefully and lovingly assembled by hand and subject to thorough quality control, the hallmark of products ‘Made in Germany’.

The operating principles of each individual component are extensively tested both in measurement series in the lab as well as in hundreds of hours of intent listening on a high end reference sound system.

Enginee­ring for OEMs


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NEWTON, in the segment of high-end applications, specializes in the development of customized & personalized devices and components, that are specifically designed for the respective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

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NEWTON’s services – depending on assignment and requirements – include basic development, prototype assembly and testing, as well as pilot production. Here NEWTON brings its entire experience – gained from its own in-house technologies and designs – into a close, collaborative partnership.

In individual cases NEWTON, with its extensive and long-standing experience in production and logistics, can also take on production and supply of ready-for-sale units to OEMs.

All developments are made on the basis of modern computer-assisted 3D-construction methods that allow for seamless version and revision management.