Upgrade kit for Simon Yorke S7 turntables

The Simon Yorke S7 legend is an extraordinary turntable with unchallenged sound properties. Unfortunately, the tone arm is of a relatively simple design and cannot be replaced with other available tone arms.

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The following upgrade kit now allows for the combined use of a wide range of top-of-the-art tone arms with the Simon Yorke S7 turntable.

What's more, the turntable now is equipped with a tone arm board with improved rigidity and the NEWTON sound modules, enabling modulation of the most subtle tonal nuances (overtones).

  • upgrade kit enabling the use of 9’’ and 9.5’’ high-end tone arms (e.g. Einstein’s The Tonearm) in Simon Yorke S7 turntables.
  • use of interchangeable NEWTON sound modules
  • optimized ultra-rigid connection between platter and tone arm
  • improvement of impulse precision and therefore sound experience
  • no permanent mechanical changes to the Simon Yorke S7, so the turntable can be restored to its original configuration at any time
  • Material: aluminum (Basis) and ebony or bronze (sound module)